Language English Description
Yarkuwanda wilkarr. I am looking around for dingoes

Yarkuwin lipkwilku tyak-tyak potykata. The echidna searched for white ants in the grass

Sentence with the past tense ending 'in' of the verb 'yarkuwa' (to search for), the 'ku' ending indicating a 'doer' word (lipkwilku), the done to word (tyak-tyak) and the locative 'kata' ending showing that the action is done in something (potykata - in the grass).

Yathaka liyanyuk. He hasn't got any teeth

Yinga wira. He is hurrying along this way!

Example phrase included in the Wamba Wamba section of the Dictionary to demonstrate the directional nature of 'yinga'. The 'wira' in the phrase is likely to be a shortened form of 'wirrəka - to run, to hurry'.

Yiri kinya tyurrilang! He is a really bad gossip!

Yirri tyilkanda. I am very pleased

Yirəkal karrin. Your nose is straight

lit. straight nose-your (this simple clause contains a nominal 'yirəkal' and a subject 'karrin')

Yirən-yirəndin. Your eyebrows

Lit. eyebrows (yirən-yirən) + your.

Yukwek mambulin. I wish I had your kidney fat

Yulpin. Your right hand