Language English Description
Nyipak kinyam nyelinyuk. Wipe off the snot (from the child's face)

Nyneggang puletya kalalək piyalkal. Two major mitchell cockatoos sitting on a branch

lit. sitt-ing two Major-Mitchell-Cockatoos branch-on

Nyuka ninyam tirndak!. Bring it over here!

Nyuka wari. Come here!

Nyuka yanggi! Come here!

Nyukaty kulikaty. Belonging to these people

This phrase uses the 'katy' (belonging to) ending on both words - 'kuli' (people) and 'nyuka' (this way here)

Nyuminyandarr mumbelmkungin. I will recognise you by your hat

nyum-iny-and-arr = 'nyum(a)' to recognise, 'iny' future tense suffix, 'and(a)' I, 'arr' - you (singular). mulmbelm-ku-ngin = hat, (k)u with or by, (ng)in your

Nyuwa-mana tharrə-karuk. A policeman is coming right here

Pambanda, tyerrikang ngarəngek! I'm scared, my hair is standing on end!

pamba - to be frightened, pambanda - I am frightened
lit. to be afraid-I stand-ing hair-mine

Paringguk. His/her/its track

Parngganda. I am thirsty

Partaminyangana prrityak. I'll wrestle (with) you on the bare ground

Pathanggila. Hail is beating down

Pathemak. try it!

Pawang kepin manyə kar-para. Five grubs cooking in the ashes

lit. cook-ing (in the ashes) five root grub-s

Payiki, werrki kinya peng! Get up, quick, there is a man coming

Peligmən lar. Police office

lit. peligman (police man) lar (camp or home)

Penggandak. To myself

lit. Peng (self) andak (my)

Pertayak ninyam karn. Dry that dress

Phrase_example_wamba. Phrase_example_english

Pilotang-kat kinya nyawithe. Sun is very glary

Pirkak kinyam peng! Make up a song about this man!

Shows - how to tell one person to do something. ('ak' is used when the action (ask) is 'done to something' otherwise the 'i' ending is used).

Pirnang-kat merterruk. His bones are sticking out

A compound that became a fixed language use created with 'pirna' (to appear, come, arrive, rise), 'ang' - present participle (happening now), '-kat' (emphasis) and 'merrterruk' (bone).

Pirnən nyawi. The sun has risen

Pityakang kaliya kurrəkal. Shingle backed lizard warming itself on the sand

pityaka - to warm onself, pityakang - warming onself
lit. stand-ing sleepy-lizard sand-on

Popeny-kity karn. Baby's dress

lit. baby-owns dress

Puletya karndəli. Two butcher birds

: simple phrase with no possessive or case markers

Puletya pa kepin kakat wariwin. The three White Ibis flew away

puletya pa kepin (three), kakat (white ibis), wariwa (to go away, fly away), wariwin (flew away).

Pulətayil ngarenyuk. He has grey hair

Pundin wirrengənku nyunya walangandakana. That dog over there bit us

Bite-bit dog-doer that one over there us.