Our Journey

Yarkuwa is a Traditional Owner organisation based in the town of Deniliquin in the Riverina Region of New South Wales. It was formed in 2003 to ensure traditional owner knowledge was preserved in future generations

The aims of the organisation are:
  • To collate and maintain cultural, heritage and environmental information as it relates to Wamba Wamba and Perrepa Perrepa country. 
  • To provide an educational service to the wider community including schools and community groups. 
  • To engage in negotiations with Local, State and Federal and other agencies on matters relating to culture, heritage and the environment.     
  • To provide the means for members to develop skills that will allow them to be involved in the provision of educational and research services.       
  • To provide a centre to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next.
  • To acquire and hold title to land and water for the purposes of economic and cultural development


Deniliquin Business Award for Innovative Contribution from the Indigenous Community

Deniliquin Business Award for Innovative Contribution from the Indigenous Community
NSW Premiers Publics Sector Award  - Bronze Award Yarkuwa, NSW State Forests and TAFE NSW

TAFE NSW Gilli Award for Industry partnership - Yarkuwa, NSW State Forests and TAFE NSW

Murray Catchment Natural Resource management Award MLDRIN Indigenous Award
NSW Landcare Awards 3rd Place in Indigenous Awards

Jeanette Crew  NSW Museums and Galleries Imaging Awards – Lifetime Contribution to Aboriginal Culture in NSW

Deniliquin Australia Day Certificate of Achievement , Bill Hermiston Memorial Environmental Award (Deniliquin Lagoon Group)
Finalist Innovation Category Deniliquin Business Awards

Project timeline

  • Denilquin TAFE project building local research skills
  • Local Historic Photo Exhibition
  • Registration of Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre Aboriginal Corporation
  • NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs Major Grant
  • NSW Protecting our Places Project
  • NSW Environment Trust Project – Asset Based Community Development and Environmental projects
  • Community Support Service (CSS) later Indigenous Community Links (ICL)  Commonwealth - Deniliquin and Balranald
  • Parent and Community Engagement (PACE) Commonwealth – Deniliquin and Balranald
  • Indigenous Sports Grants (Commonwealth)
  • NSW Carers Research Project
  • Werai Indigenous Protected Area Consultation Project (Commonwealth) 
  • Research partnership, Macquarie University - Changing social and economic conditions of Aboriginal people and families in Deniliquin 1965-2015 
  • Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative 
2017 (2019)
  • Tityap Telkaya Indigenous Advancement Strategy
2018 (2021)
  • NSW Carer Investment Program  

2003 - Present  
  • Cultural heritage assessments
  • Participation in regional Natural Resource Management Advisory Committees
  • NAIIDCO and Reconciliation Events
  • Local Celebrations of culture
  • Family research
  • Submissions to Government
2009 - Present
  • Language Project including Indigenous Languages and Arts program (Commonwealth) and Our Languages Our Way (NSW)
  • Involvement in Aboriginal Languages strategies and recent consultation about the NSW Aboriginal Languages Bill
  • Arts projects including Regional Arts Funding (NSW), Arts NSW Exhibition Funding
  • Annual Wamba Wamba Perrepa Perrepa Cultural Celebrations in October