Cultural Tours Bookings

Tours by Yarkuwa staff and volunteers are available of:
  1. Knowledge Centre Museum Displays
  2. Knowledge Centre Art Exhibitions
  3. Local Indigenous Family History and Genealogy Displays
  4. Cultural Knowledge Tours of Wamba Wamba country at a local forest / waterway site

Exhibitions Bookings

The Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre art exhibitions present unique and fascinating insights into Australian and Wamba Wamba culture and country.
Current exhibitions include:
  1. 'the flat: memories, yarns and possibilities'
    - a visual, cartographical and story exploration of a living space that is important to the town and the community

  2. 'Kawir & Kuthun'
    - how a traditional Dreamtime (yemurraki) story was turned into a beautiful children's (pembengguk) language book and  a massive cultural mural
    - books, keyrings and Wamba Wamba language examples are available as part of the exhibition

  3. 'Stories of Hope and Migration'
    - sick of the same old, same old pioneer historical bias? We dare you change your perspective and look at Migration from an Aboriginal perspective
    - historical and current photos and illustrations, newspaper articles you haven't seen before,
    - stories all Australian's should experience
    - a timeline you won't forget

  4. 'Indigenous Knowledge Museum Selections - trade and commerce'
    - a selection of our museum collection that illustrates the importance of local Indigenous Art to local trade and commerce

Weaving Workshop Bookings

Yarkuwa staff and Elders provide Traditional Wamba Wamba Weaving workshops which can be adapted to your group size, age group and time availability. Sit down with local Wamba Wamba women and get your hands and fingers moving (wilkila) as you learn the Wamba Wamba traditional weaving technique and the importance of weaving in the local economy.

Have you ever made a mityat - that's a basket in Wamba Wamba. (It's pronounced 'mee-chart'.)

Don't forget to ask about the Wedding Gift some Moonacullah women made for a local pastoral family wedding years back.


Although the Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre at 104 End St., Deniliquin is open and available to visit from Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, most weeks, you can only book a tour or workshop through the form below. Please fill in the form and we will respond with available times and cost.