Yarkuwa works in partnership with a number of Landcare groups including the Denilqiuin Kolety Lagoons Landcare Group and the Murray Landcare Collective (through a partnership with Hollbrook Landcare).
Current Projects
  • Establishing mechanisms for engagement between Landcare and Aboriginal communities in the Murray Region
  • Identifying key engagement principles that can assist Landcare groups to work in a collaborative way
  • Provide basic information about cultural protocols including a paper on the role of Welcome to Country and Acknowledgment of Country.
  • Presenting information on Aboriginal site protections
  • Working in collaboration with local Landcare groups to incorporate Aboriginal values in their work
  • Contributing  to Environmental committees including
    • Murray LLS Aboriginal Community Advisory Committee, Environmental Water Advisory group, Edward Wakool Environment Water Reference Group, Ramsar Steering Committee, Scientific and Cultural Advisory Committee (SACAC). Deniliquin Lagoons Committee