Deniliquin Indigenous Language Project

Yarkuwa is working toward revitalising the use of the traditional local language, Wamba Wamba/Wemba Wemba, in all its forms.

The wider Wamba Wamba/Wemba Wemba - Perrepa Perrepa/Barrapa Barrapa language group is from the general area northeast of Moulamein toward Conargo, west of Swan Hill and south to near Quambatook. The community has strong kinship and family ties across the region, increased by the displacement and centralisation to Missions, particularly at Moonacullah.

This project is based on the language recorded by Dr Luise Hercus in the 1960s. She recorded the language from elders within the Deniliquin and Moonacullah communities. The traditional language was only ever oral and so when linguists recorded the language in writing, assumptions and variations occurred, but the project is intended to be considered inclusive of the entire language group, despite variations of pronunciation and spelling.
​The Deniliquin Indigenous Language Project was supported by an Australian Government Indigenous Language Support Grant.

Our Languages Our Way
Our Languages Our Way was a pilot project to take the Wamba Wamba/Wemba Wemba language revitalisation into local Deniliquin and surrounds primary and secondary schools. This video is a good example of embedding cultural and language learning into different subjects and key learning areas such as communication, storytelling and art.

WURREKANGURR (we all speak) is the Wamba Wamba / Wemba Wemba language resource website.

The database is searchable, includes translation and pronunciation guides and language learning tools.

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Kawir & Kuthun
Kawir & Kuthun is an illustrated version of a local Yemurraki (dreaming) story about the Emu and the Brolga. The book and artwork was created by the community and local Indigenous children as a language resource.
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