The young woman carried rushes to the log to sit and make baskets.
Wamba wamba:
Karə-kurrk-ku wirrəkin pungurt palenga nyengga munga mityat-para.
WWDict., p72; VLaLS p30 (d) General Oblique case, WWDict., p73, Tense and mood (past tense)

lit. young-woman-subject(doer) carry-carried rushes log-towards to sit to make basket-plural
Shows noun endings 1) 'ku' (karə-kurrk-ku) to show 'do-er' or the action or subject, 2) '(k)a' (palenga) to show the action 'wirrəkin' (carried) is done towards the noun (to a log), 3) 'para' (mityat-para) to show plural (baskets). Shows verb past tense ending 'in' added to 'wirrəka' (to carry) - the 'in' replaces the 'a' present tense ending.

Phrase sentence:
Words Associated:
karə-kurrk - young woman
pungurt - wire-rush used for basket-making
wer(ə)ka - to carry