A Marsh Tern is collecting food on the lake
Wamba wamba:
Karrwitku kalipang kuma tyekilkal.
VLaLS, (a) Normal Statements (iv), P51, Hercus.

Karrwit (Marsh Tern) karrwitku (doer ending) kalipa (to collect) kalipang (collecting) kuma (food) tyekilka (lake) tyekilkal (on the lake). Demonstrates subject or 'do-er' ending 'ku' and 'kal' noun ending to show that the action is done 'on something'. Demonstrates a 'normal statement' with transitive verb, subject, object & location.

Phrase sentence:
Words Associated:
karrwit - marsh tern
tyekil - lake
kalipa - to gather up one's belongings, to collect things, to pack up a camp site