Ask this man
Wamba wamba:
Kalayak kinyam peng.
VLaLS, A&E Vocabularies, P182, Hercus.
lit. kayala (to ask), ak (ordering one person to do something), kinyam (this), peng (man).
Shows - imperative singular ending (ak) on the end of the verb 'kalaya' (to ask). ('ak' is used when the action (ask) is 'done to something' otherwise the 'i' ending is used).
Duplicate: 1) start with a verb eg 'wurreka' (to speak), 2) add the imperative ending 'ak' giving 'Wurrekak', 3) add 'kinyam' (this), 4) add the person eg 'wuthu payinguk' (young boy), 'Wurrekak kinyam wuthu payingguk' is 'Speak to this young boy!'.

Phrase sentence:
Words Associated:
kalaya - to ask, to question
peng - man, human being, body, self
kinya - this one close by