A white ibis's feather
Wamba wamba:
Kakat-kity withən-kuk.
WWDict., p72; VLaLS (g) Genitive, p32: Hercus
lit. white-ibis-owns feather-its.
Shows - two noun endings : 
  1. '-kity' an 'owner ending' (or 'genitive case' ending) which is added to the name of something alive that 'owns' something, 
  2. '(k)uk' a 'possessive ending' to show that the object is owned by 'he/she/it'. 

Pronunciation - 'kah-kaht-kity wiid-ən-kuuk'. (all vowels are standard, the 'ty' consonant is a 'palatal stop' ie tip of tongue touches hard palate above top teeth, avoid saying 'kitty' )

Phrase sentence:
Words Associated:
kakat - white ibis
withən - feather