Grammar - Action Words - with images

t aka

to eat

k pa

to drink

p nda

to bite

n urka

to swallow

k mba

to lie down, to sleep

m rrpa

to kiss

k tyilang


k rrma

to vomit

p ngga

to smell

t rnda

to touch, to push lightly

k rityila

to urinate

y ngga

to walk

y ngguwa

to walk past

n uka-yangga

to approach, to come this way

p yika

to fall down

k nyengka

to cough

p rrenga, purenga

to snore

t arpa

to yawn, to open one's mouth wide

n anenga

to sneeze

t errimbaya

to shiver

k ninga

to tie up

p rngga

to blow, to blow a fire